Bitesize Reviews Vol. 19

Bitesize time has come again! Here are 4 mini reviews for books that won’t get their own full length one!

Enjoy! (and also check out my past library of Bitesize Reviews!)

Girl, Serpent, Thorn

Girl, Serpent, Thorn – Melissa Barshardoust 3.1/5
Oh 😦 Oh I so wanted this to be good. It had all the promise and potential and it just felt flat to me.

Ok, let’s get some positives under my belt because there were some.
Obviously, there’s the absolutely gorgeous cover. I mean, come on. And I had the Fairyloot edition which was even more gorgeous!

I also really liked the idea of the princess also being the monster, although ‘monster’ is definitely used with a pinch of salt here.

I enjoyed the prose for the most part, but unfortunately, I had several negatives here.

On to the negatives.
I found the prose to be super, super, SUPER repetitive. OMG, it drove me absolutely nuts. Every other page had some italics laden thought or speech from a previous point in the book that our MC brought back to life. Urgh. It got irritating – fast.

And our MC – I get that she’s super naive, I can 100% understand that someone who has been locked away for years would have very little in the way of street smarts, so I’m not pissed that she didn’t see the obvious coming. But what I couldn’t handle was how mopey she was. Again, I understand a little bit of a mope. I get it. But damn girl, come on! I just got so fed up with her.

This was already a relatively short book, but I felt that it went on too long. I felt like so much could have been cut and it still would have been great. Actually, this would have been an EXCELLENT novella thinking about it.

I didn’t buy the romance either. I love me some romance if it’s done well, especially when we’ve got some kick-ass diversity going on, but this romance seemed insta-lovey and I’m not for insta-love whenever it happens.

On top of that, I loved the idea of the story, but not the execution. Which is such a shame because I was so excited for this book! It’s not a *bad* book, but for me, it was just simply ‘meh’.

So, all in all, I’m fairly disappointed by this book, but I appreciate that it’s a stand-alone (I think) and I’m happy I’ve read it, especially as the culture it’s based on and around is one I’ve not read much about before, but I can’t pretend I’m not disappointed.

Check, Please! Book 1: # Hockey

Check, Please! Book 1: # Hockey – Ngozi Ukazu 3.8/5
Well, this was adorable! I wasn’t really sure what to expect going into this so I had ‘fresh eyes’ so to speak! This was a super cute graphic novel that follows our MC as he joins a collegiate icy hockey team!

This is a really sweet LGBT romance but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting – even though I didn’t really know what to expect. Let me explain.

I thought I was going to get a romance heavy story that featured ice hockey and a bit of baking. Instead, I got a hockey story with a bit of baking and then a romance at the very, very end. Honestly, if I hadn’t read the inside cover flap, I’d not really have a clue that one of the characters liked one of the others. It was kinda hidden all the way through. Sure, there’s a glance here or there in a pannel or two, but that’s about it until literally the last few pages.

But I can’t lie – this was a very sweet story. It was a little bit too hockey-heavy for me (I’d say this if it was any other sport – no shade to hockey.) I just didn’t want that much focus on sport – I wanted a lil more romance. But the friendships were spot on, I really enjoyed the representation throughout as well! We also got some French. I’m glad I speak french or I’d have been completely lost. I always feel like if a book is going to have a chunk in another language there should be something in the back or at the bottom of the page or something in the language of the rest of the book is in – inclusivity, you know?

I’m not a huge fan of the art style I have to admit -but it does suit this story pretty well.

I’m looking forward to the next instalment because I wanna see what happens next in the romance I thought I was getting in this volume. I enjoyed this 🙂


Five Total Strangers – Natalie D. Richards 3.5/5
This was really enjoyable for the most part – but the negatives were strong enough to drop a star and a bit.

So this is the kinda story I really like – a group of people are stuck in a perilous situation and someone isn’t who they say they are…panic, claustrophobia, danger, suspicion – all adds up for a fun ride and it’s no different here.

For the most part, I was kept in the dark about the situation but I have to admit I figured out the ‘problem person’ quite early on but every now and then my resolve was shaken a lil but either way it was fun for a ride.

Now the negatives – I found the repetition a little irritating, the pacing got a lil slow at times, like…glacial. Instead of being suspense building, it came off just slow. Also I found some of the believability too much to suspend my own belief.

BUT this is a fun YA suspense mystery with a small amount of threat and suspense for those who aren’t wanting something too heavy!

Harrow the Ninth (The Locked Tomb, #2)

Harrow the Ninth – Tamsyn Muir 4.8/5
Oooft. Muir has done it again! This is one hell of a ride!
I was stunned by this novel. STUNNED.
Let me just say, this takes some getting used to – the second person POV…Offt, usually that’s an -absolute no-no and turn off for me, but I trusted that Muir did it for a reason and I was right.

I promise you it pays off – and makes sense.

And also, this book takes a LOT of concentration in order to get through. Once again, I promise you it pays off…but it might not make sense.

I paid so much attention…yet I’m still not 100% sure what happened. But that’s not really a bad thing. I think it’s kinda the point – instead of being infuriating it ends up as intriguing.

I honestly can’t say too much about the story, because one – WTF was going on?! and two – I don’t wanna spoil anything.

But what I can, and will, tell you is that the writing is rich, amazing, fast-paced and just so so enveloping.

Harrow was my fav character in Gideon the Ninth but I have to admit, whilst I liked her here, I preferred her in Gideon the Ninth.

But regardless, this is an absolutely amazing book and well worth the effort.


And we have reached the end of another batch of bitesize reviews! I hope you enjoyed them and if you’re after more mini reviews feel free to check out others I’ve done!


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