Bitesize Reviews Vol. 22

Once again, it’s been a short while since I’ve done one of these! Oh well, here are 4 more of my mini reviews!

Enjoy! (and also check out my past library of Bitesize Reviews!)


Nobody Knows But You – Anica Mrose Rissi 1.8/5
Well, this was quite boring when all is said and done.
I’m really glad that it wasn’t a long book because honestly, I was quite bored after about 50 pages.

If you’ve never, ever read a YA thriller before then you MIGHT be surprised by the ‘twist’. But if you’ve read a couple you’ll see this coming from a mile off. And then you just have to wait until the book finishes and slog through it.

It’s a very ‘by-the-numbers’ thriller that I personally felt had no charm or personality.
I didn’t get on with the writing style and I couldn’t connect with any of the characters.
I downright hated, and was constantly irritated by, our MC.

That’s not to say that others won’t love this book – but for me personally it was a huge miss.


Wires & Nerve Vol.1 – Marissa Meyer 3.2/5
Awww 😦 After the smash-hit that I felt The Lunar Chronicles was, this felt a little….flat? Empty? Lacking? Yeah, lacking – that’s the word I’m after.

Sure, the story’s bare bones were there, but there was no meat to them. And don’t start with the whole ‘it’s a graphic novel, there’s only a finite amount of room for story’ thing – I’ve read PLENTY of graphic novels that pack a HUGE punch when it comes to storytelling.
It’s just that this doesn’t have much punch. More of a love-tap, wait, yeah – that’s EXACTLY what this is. It’s a second little nudge of love for fans of The Lunar Chronicles.
On its own, it can’t stand up, and it HEAVILY relies on people knowing and remembering (well) the plot of The Lunar Chronicles.

But yeah, Iko was one of my favourite characters in the series, and she just felt flat and lacking in this. I also wasn’t a fan of the art all the way through. Some panels were fantastic, others still looked like drafts.

I’m still going to read volume 2 (mostly because I have it already) but I hope it ends there because I won’t be buying the third volume as I’ve not enjoyed this foray as much as I’d hoped. But it’s a cute little second bite of the cherry for Lunar Chronicles fans.


A Song Of Wraiths and Ruin – Roseanne A. Brown 4.5/5
Well, this was another one that was an unexpected win for me! I ended up really, really enjoying this! I was expecting some typical YA fantasy tropes to rear their heads and instead, they got TURNED on their heads!
So let’s talk about them!

Perhaps the first and biggest most noticeable one was in our male lead, Malik. Male MC in a YA Fantasy – expecting super strong, stubborn, arrogant etc- NOPE! He was a soft, sweetheart who had some mental health struggles and had panic attacks. And guess what – he felt SO real and relatable too!

Karina, our female MC unfortunately fell into a typical trope of female leads in YA fantasy – she was a bit mopy and repetitive in her insecurities in her abilities. It got old kinda quick.

But the magical systems were super interesting and unique and there’s plenty of room to expand on this in the second book (which I can’t wait for) and I’m here for it. Although I will admit that the sudden grasp of power by our characters kinda broke the realism a lil bit for me.
I liked the exploration of what would a person do for the one they love it’s a trope that’s done to death, but it’s done well here.

Speaking of well done – the world building truly is amazing, even if the final parts of the book got a little TOO info-dumpy and exposition-y. The build-up was great and painted a really rich world.
I didn’t buy too much into the romance, but I can overlook that a lil bit, it wasn’t a game ender for me.

All in all this was a really surprising and fun book! Bring on book 2!

25326619. sy475

Sunstone Vol. 3 – Stjepan Šejić 4.7/5
Just like previous entries to this series, this is AMAZING!

The artwork is just as fucking stunning as ever.
I’m LIVING for the sex-positivity and the exploration (and, at times, explanation) of SAFE BDSM.
I’m here for the LGBT+ messages, I’m here for adults openly discussing their sexual desires and showing understanding and ACCEPTANCE.

I’m here for the budding romance, I’m here for the developing story, I’m here for the new characters.

I’m excited – COMPLETLY – and I can’t wait to find out what’s next, especially with Anne!

Perhaps a slight negative for me…maybe perhaps there was a touch of pacing issues, but that was barely noticeable. I’m just being super picky.

I love this series. It’s become WAY more important to me than I ever could have predicted.
I treasure this series. 


And we have reached the end of another batch of bitesize reviews! I hope you enjoyed them and if you’re after more mini reviews feel free to check out others I’ve done!


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