My Most Underrated Books From 2020

Wrap-up season is at an end for me! And here’s my final (and possible favourite) installment – the books that I thought were underrated!

You can check out the other two articles in this series – Best Books of 2020 and Worst Books of 2020 too!

But for now, let’s get into the books that I thought were massively and criminally underrated in 2020!

As always, I have also shot a short video for this if you’d rather watch/listen whilst you do something else!

But if you’d rather read, here’s a quick run down for you!

The most underrated books from 2020

All of these books came out in 2020 and range from early in the year, right up to some last-minute releases. I know that 2020 was a weird year for everyone, and it feels like the publishing industry was hit just like every other one. I felt awful seeing authors have events cancelled and their books not promoted as much as others.

I especially feel this for the authors who had books released/events planned in March and April before we all figured out how to utilise digital/virtual events. It’s like their books were just…forgotten in an ‘oh well, we couldn’t have predicted it’ attitude. Which, yeah, true – but damn, it still sucks.

So, here’s a shortlist of books that came out in 2020 that I thought were massively underrated. Of course, I HIGHLY recommend all of these, but I have also chosen a book that I think was the MOST underrated book of 2020!

Underrated books from 2020:
The Upside of Falling – Alex Light
Loveboat, Taipei – Abigail Hing Wen
Clown In A Cornfield – Adam Cesare
A Wicked Magic – Sasha Laurens
The Sound of Stars – Alechia Dow
The Kinder Poison – Natalie Mae
The Scapegracers – Hannah Abigail Clarke
The Vanishing Deep – Astrid Scholte
Parachutes – Kelly Yang
Blazewrath Games – Amparo Ortiz


And those are the books from this year that I feel more people should read! Have you read any? Are you going to add any to your TBR?


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