Bitesize Reviews Vol. 24

Once again it’s time for some bitesize reviews!

I hope you enjoy! (and also check out my past library of Bitesize Reviews!)


The Bridge – Bill Konigsberg 3.5/5

This is the second book from Bill Konigsberg and I had such high hopes after reading The Music Of What Happens and giving it 5 stars, but unfortunately, this one falls a little bit flat for me.

It’s a really good story about a really important subject told in a unique way, but I felt disconnected through a lot of it, and I know that’s not the point.

I don’t want to dissuade people from reading this, as I think it’s important and just because I didn’t gel with it doesn’t mean others won’t.

I really enjoyed the premise of the same story told through 4 different outcomes around suicide and if the characters go through with it or not.
It’s definitely powerful and explores things without sugarcoating anything, but I found myself not really caring too much about the characters in some of the stories, and ultimately I wasn’t gripped through the entirety of the book.

For me, it was ok, but ultimately forgettable, which is a shame.

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Cemetery Boys– Aiden Thomas 4.4/5
Oh wow, this book was simply amazing. It’s own voices, full of rep, full of heart, would and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I was so excited to be introduced to a relatively new culture to me, one I haven’t explored too much, and let me tell you- the world that this author built, I never wanted to leave.
There were lush descriptions that were never flowery, extremely sensitive subjects handled beautifully and with grace and patience and the characters. Oh, my heart.

I really never wanted to leave.

the only thing that stopped me giving this book 5 stars was that I felt the ending was a bit lack-lustre and not as brave as it could have been. But I understand why a debut author would want a happy ending for their LGBTQ+ story – especially given the history of LGBTQ+ characters in fiction.
But regardless of this, I felt like the ending was a touch rushed compared to the rest of the story.

But all in all, an absolute treasure.

Lips Touch: Three Times – Laini Taylor 3.9/5
This was my first experience reading a Laini Taylor book and let me tell you: it won’t be the last.

Lips Touch: Three Times

This collection dropped a star cos, well, Goblin Fruit was kinda bad. And not in the ‘so bad it’s good’ way. It was just a bit…meh. Pleurgh.

But the other two? OMG I wanna read full feature-length novels for both of them!
What an imagination this author has!

Seriously, the worldbuilding – especially for short stories, was incredible! I was never bored or felt lost and the writing was so lush.

I can’t pick my favourite between the other two stories! I loved them both for different reasons! Spicy Little Curses was more of a ‘real world’ setting and ‘Hatchling’ took us on a WHOLE new adventure.

I recommend this for some short, punchy, exciting little fantasy hits!

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Mera: Tidebreaker – Danielle Paige 0.5/5
Harsh opinions in this review. If negativity isn’t your thing, or if you’re a super-fan of the author, this review isn’t for you. But these are my opinions, I’m entitled to them (like you are with yours) and I’m sharing them on this platform – cos that’s the point.

Omg what a waste of time. Let me start off by saying the only GOOD thing I have to say about this graphic novel: the illustrations and colour palettes are gorgeous. The illustrator has been done dirty by the writing here. I actually want to seek out the illustrator’s other work to see it away from this mistreatment of an established character. So yeah, amazing art.

On to the story. Has Danielle Paige ever read any DC comics before? Or has she just implied that she has and jumped on the ‘YA authors re-writing established DC characters for stories’ bandwagon? Cos it seems like that.

I’m not gonna sit here and pretend that I’m an Aquaman-stan. I’m not. I don’t know too much about his aspect of the DC universe, and by extension, Mera’s either. My attention went on other DC characters. But I know enough about Aqauman et all, to know that this ‘story’ is NOT a compliment.

So Mera, a strong character, is reduced to nothing more than a pathetic, whiney, uncertain, flakey, insta-lovey cardboard cut out.
She’s so boring in this, and she’s a shell (no pun intended) of her actual self. I know she’s a teenager here, but still – this is an insult to how teenagers cope with emotions and conflict.

We aren’t shown anything that the author wants us to know about Mera, we’re just told. Eg, her warrior training, her needs, desires, wants etc. We’re just told.

And omg what a FLAKE of a character. I wanted to slap her. She just A-B’s so hard and I’m so angry. And the dialogue. Puke worthy. SUPER cringe. It almost physically hurt me to read this because my eyes rolled so hard.

This whole damn thing felt soulless. I’m selling it on to one of those ‘declutter your home’ apps and they wanna give me 16p for it. Honestly, I personally think that’s too much. I have much more ranty stuff to say about this book and the treatment of the character, but I refuse to give this more time. It’s already had more than it deserved from me.


And we have reached the end of another batch of bitesize reviews! I hope you enjoyed them and if you’re after more mini reviews feel free to check out others I’ve done!


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  1. Yeahhh I’d decided to avoid the Mera graphic novel when I first saw it as Danielle Page just kinda sucks as a writer. But glad you liked Cemetery Boys!


    1. I wish I’d have avoided it! I have another book by her too, but it’s co-authored and it’s about witches, so I’m gonna give that a go! And LOVED Cemetery Boys


      1. Yeahhh co-authored with Kass Morgan who wrote the very mess The 100 books. But hopefully together their writing has improved and you’ll enjoy it.


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