The book to replace Harry Potter – Blazewrath Games Review

OMG I simply can’t praise this book enough. Two things to know before you read my review:
1) It’s SPOILER FREE so you can safely read this before you read the book (which I HIGHLY recommend you do.)
2) I will be gushing about this book! (I know right, me, being incredibly positive about a book! 😱)

Oh, I also did a video review for this book, just in case you’d rather watch my all-over-the-place happy ramblings rather than read them!

So, as you can tell with the title of this review, I genuinely believe that THIS IS THE BOOK TO READ INSTEAD OF HARRY POTTER! I’m not here to discuss the HP and JKR shit storm, (but my own personal stance is that I have thrown out ALL of my books/merch/anything HP related and have completely denounced JKR and exiled her and her stories from my life. She will never again receive any of my money or support and any attention I give her will be to condemn her).

But what I am here to say is that Blazewrath Games is the perfect book for those who:

  • want to replace HP in their lives
  • have people in their lives that they want to introduce to reading with a story about magic/witches/wizards/dragons and avoid HP
  • are upset with JKR and looking for an alternative

and why is it the PERFECT book for these things? Let me tell you.

Let’s start with a bit of an overview and then I’ll get into the nitty-gritty!


Firstly, this book was EVERYTHING I never knew I needed in a book! Holy crap! I started reading this book as an ‘eh, why not’ pick-up after reading the blurb and seeing the awesome cover, and wow! Within just the first few short chapters I was HOOKED! And guess what, Blazewrarth Games held my attention for the entire time! From page one all the way to the end!


So – to massively simplify it – the plot of Blazewrath Games revolves around a sport called the Blazewrath Games and follows the world cup for it. Oh, and another tiny thing, this sport is played in a world where witches and wizards exist and the sport played with DRAGONS! 😱

I’m purposely not telling you anything more about the story, cos you should go into this knowing and expecting as little as possible like I did. and get ready to be blown away!

The story of Blazewrath Games is so full of twists and turns in the best way! It sets you up to think you know what’s coming, and then it gets SO clever and gives you something new! What a breath of fresh air! And it never feels kitschy or hokey!

Oh, and SUPER refreshing thing – WE GET A YA FANTASY THAT DOESN’T FOCUS ON ROMANCE- HALLELUYA! Yes! It can be done, and it’s done PERFECTLY here!

World Building

So as if the plot isn’t enough to hook you in, it can back itself up with some AMAZING WORLD BUILDING! There’s a kick-ass magic system that not only MADE SENSE, but it was both simple enough to quickly grasp and yet complex enough to be interesting.

But the world building itself, where it describes how witches and wizards co-exist with those who don’t posses magic, and how the regular real-world is shaped by this was so inviting and I wanted to be fully involved in it all!

Now, let me talk about the shining jewel in the story…


Let’s talk characters: Oh my go can you say ‘REPRESENTATION! – ALL THE REPRESENTATION!’?

Ok, yes, the book is set during a World Cup of a major sporting event amongst witches and wizards as well as those without magical abilities. So it’s naturally going to draw a lot of attention to other cultures and races. But guess what – none of it is tokenism or one-off mentions! We have NAMED characters of multiple origins and races WITH SPEAKING PARTS. We also get all sorts of sexuality and gender rep, we get trans rep, and not just a trans character, but a proud and open trans character who is at the TOP of their VERY HIGHLY REGARDED CAREER FIELD as well! (So fuck you JKR) And this character doesn’t just show up once, they are a recurring character who pops up a lot!

There’s also a whole range of other rep with named, speaking parts including a coach for the sport who is in a wheelchair.

Adding to the rep of the characters, they are all amazing and I LOVED following them all! My heart belongs to them! I’m even getting my own Puerto Rico pride! They are well rounded, in-depth characters with their own personalities and I’m here for them.


All in all, my heart is just SO happy with everything that this book is and represents and talks about! And my mind and imagination are SO satisfied with the story, plot and writing.

This is the first in a series (a duology I think) but the way it finishes can easily be treated as a standalone if you want, but with a book this good you’re going to be craving the next one just like I am!

I want to reiterate: I CAN’T RECOMMEND THIS BOOK ENOUGH AND I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE! And I especially want to recommend it to those who want to replace HP in their own lives or to use it as an alternative to HP for others.

THIS BOOK IS MAGICAL in every sense of the word and I really hope you add it to your TBR!


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  1. Amazing review! The cover for this book is so pretty! Have to say your post title really drew me towards your post 💛 can’t wait to read thisn

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! That’s completely made my day! The cover of the book really is great! I can’t wait for you to read it! I’m so excited that this book is out in the world!


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