Spotify Wrapped Book Tag

I first found this tag over at Anniek’s blog (Anniek’s Library) (and it was created by Lace and Dagger Books) and I couldn’t help but join in on this one!

I love the idea of this one because it’s all about matching books to songs! I adore pairing books with music, I even make bookish playlists that you can follow on Spotify – check those out here!

Basically, this is how you play the game: You get your Spotify Wrapped 2020 playlist that Spotify puts together for you, then you hit shuffle. For the first 5 songs to come out, you have to match them with 5 books that you read this year!

My 2020 was a wierd one, because I really got into my writing again, so my playlists got messed up with lo-fi music for me to zone out to, as well as music for inspiration. So my playlist is a real pick’n’mix! It’s a mix of all sorts, from k-pop, pop-punk, R&B, rap, electronic, pop and more!

So, let’s go!

Song 1: St, Patrick – PVRIS

The Music of What Happens

Book I paired it with: The Music of What Happens – Bill Konigsberg
To be honest, this is pretty much from Jordan’s POV, but Max could definitely put this song on when he thinks of Jordan too.

But the desperation in the song of feeling fucked up and not worth much, but meeting someone who makes you feel amazing, and wanting to hold on to them so much definitely gives me vibes for Jordan from this book.

I adore this book so much – the wholesomeness still lights my dark little heart.

Lyrics that helped my decision:
I mean, the whole song really, 😂 but here’s a selection.
“And I’m not spiritual
But please stay
‘Cause I think you’re a saint and I think you’re an angel”

“You give me something to think about that’s not the shit in my head
You’re a miracle”

“Transparent hands were at my neck
But I love the way you let me breathe instead”

“But please stay
‘Cause you’re a glimpse of bliss, a little taste of heaven”

Song 2: Into The Unknown – Idina Menzel & Aurora


Book I paired it with: The Storm CrowKalyn Josephson
Oh man, does this song SO embody how Thia feels in the beginning of this song.

Wrecked by a deep depression (and girl, I’d be the same) after pretty much the total annihilation of her kingdom and the beloved crows, Thia has all but given up. But hope glimmers, but to nurture the hope to reality she must confront many of her inner demons and venture out on a journey of unknown risk and unknown struggles.

I love how Thia comes into her own, and this song definitely gives me those vibes.

Lyrics that helped my decision:
“Some look for trouble while others don’t
There’s a thousand reasons I should go about my day
And ignore your whispers which I wish would go away, oh”

“I’m afraid of what I’m risking if I follow you
Into the unknown”

“Or are you someone out there who’s a little bit like me?
Who knows deep down I’m not where I’m meant to be?”

“Are you out there?
Do you know me?
Can you feel me?
Can you show me?”

Song 3: Push My Luck – The Chainsmokers


Book I paired it with: Upside of Falling – Alex Light
Oh Brett and Becca – a classic fake-dating couple who realsie that the relationship is fake, but the feelings are very much real.

The push/pull and uncertainty about how far to push their own luck with each other definitely fit this song to a tee!

They might have had a rocky start, and getting to know each other is a little different for them, but they can’t deny for long that they are actually pretty perfect for each other – how were they to know?

Lyrics that helped my decision:
“Might have started off rocky
And ruined our first date”

“And I know, and I know, and I know, and I know
That you like your space with your one roommate
Do you mind if I see you tomorrow?”

“Should I have known that you would take hold and never let go?
Never let go”

“I think I might push my luck with you
Does another night feel alright to you?
If I ask right now, would you think it through? (Hey)”

Song 4: Say So – Doja Cat

Crave (Crave #1)

Book I paired it with: Crave – Tracy Wolff
Grace and Jaxon could both easily have the POV of this song – they dance around each others feelings and flirtations quite a lot in this book, and it’s like – JUST GRAB EACH OTHERS ASSES ALREADY! Except…more than ass-grabbing, it’s just cos the song mentions ass-grabbing.

But yeah, wow the sexual tension and frustration of the song, expressed in a playful, unsure way definitely fits both Grace and Jaxon here!

Lyrics that helped my decision:
“Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment
I’d let you had I known it, why don’t you say so?”

“It’s been a long time since you fell in love
You ain’t coming out your shell, you really ain’t been yourself”

“And we can dance all day around it
If you front then I’ll be bouncing
If you want it scream and shout it, babe
Before I leave you dry”

“He ain’t never seen it in a dress like this (ah)
He ain’t never even been impressed like this”

“Like it, love it, need it bad
Take it, own it, steal it, fast
Boy, stop playing, grab my ass”

Song 5: Bloody Valentine – Machine Gun Kelly

The Shadows Between Us

Book I paired it with: The Shadows Between Us – Tricia Levenseller
I mean, the whole fake love is definitely giving off vibes from Kallias and Alessandra! But probably a bit more from Alessandra this time. Although some of the other lyrics could be coming from Kallias’s mouth!

This is all about sex, sex-positivity, wanting it, ambition, kings, queens, and realsing that…shit…your plans might have backfired, but damn does it feel good!

And…are we in love? Shit.

I love it!

Lyrics that helped my decision:
Again, damn near the whole song. But here’s some lyrics that are pretty undeniable to me.

“The simulation just went bad
But you’re the best I ever had
Like hand prints in wet cement
She touched me it’s permanent”

“In my head, in my head
I’m calling you girlfriend, what the fuck?”

“I don’t do fake love
But I’ll take some from you tonight”

“I’m overstimulated, and I’m sad
I don’t expect you to understand
It’s nothing less than true romance
Or am I just making a mess?”

“I can’t hide (I can not)
How I feel about you (hide these feelings)
Inside (I can not)
I’d give everything up (hide these feelings)
Tonight (I’d give up)
If I could just have you (everything for you)
Be mine (I’d give up)
Be mine (everything)”

Ok, fine, that was pretty much the whole song 😂 but it works!

OMG I had so much fun with this tag! If you take part of this (I’m tagging everyone who wants to do it) please tag me in it so that I can see your choices! I’m so intersted!


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  1. Ahhh thanks for doing this tag! I’m so glad some people are enjoying it. Also that other people’s music is as varied as mine 🤣

    Love the addition of the lyrics too.

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    1. Thanks! I thought adding the lyrics would make more sense to why I chose it and help others who haven’t heard the song relate it too!

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