Bitesize Reviews Vol. 26

Once again, I had a goodreads goal to achieve so it’s a fair few graphic novels and novellas!

I hope you enjoy! (and also check out my past library of Bitesize Reviews!)

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The Factory Witches of Lowell – C.S. Malerich 1/5
Yeah, this one was pretty much a ‘so what?’ story for me. Which is a shame, because I do love me a witchy book.

But I’m super glad that this was a short story cos I wasn’t feeling this one. I think the problem is with me. I’m really not into historical fiction that much, if at all. And that’s what this book is. So, yeah, there’s that.

But for whatever reason, I didn’t like it, so here’s my review.
Firstly, whilst I do remember my school trip to a cotton mill from my childhood days and was saddened by the cruelty of history, there was little to establish this in the book. It relied on the reader’s prior knowledge.

On top of that, the characters kinda all bled together. Even our main characters, I kinda got them confused a lil bit.

But my biggest gripe is the undefined magic system. it was all just so CONVENIENT and I don’t play that game. I want defined magic systems, with rules, consequences and reasons. This just…was…and it bothered me.

This book may be loved by others, especially historical fiction lovers, but it just wasn’t for me.

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Wonderland Vol. 1- by Raven Gregory & Sheldon Goh 3.2/5
I’m glad I waited a few days to post this review, cos this was the type of graphic novel that kinda hung around in my head a lil bit.

First off – this is a graphic novel that is halfway through the series – BUT it’s at the beginning of a new arc, so new readers could manage to follow along and existing readers had something new to explore. I’m a new reader.

Being honest, I’m not a fan of Alice in Wonderland all that much, but I LOVE this style of art on the covers of graphic novels. Like, damn. There’s just something about scantily clad, unrealistic babes that I can appreciate (same for dudes too!)

And having said I’m not a fan, I kinda got behind this. The heroine of the previous arcs is all grown up and had her own teenager daughter, and it’s a continuation of Wonderland trying to claim her. Pretty generic, but there’s something about this that pulled at me.

I gave it 3 stars cos there was a bit too much reliance on past stories (and the editors notes got obnoxious at times) but I’m actually intrigued to go back to the beginning of this arc and start from the beginning!

Thor, Volume 1: The Goddess of Thunder

Thor, Volume 1: The Goddess of Thunder – Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman 1.2/5
Wow. What a disappointment. What an insult actually. I’m all for having a female Thor, and the lore behind it, making Thor the holder, not just name, eg, male Thor isn’t the only person who can be called Thor, was interesting.

But for a graphic novel where it’s supposed to focus on a female Thor, we got a LOT of male Thor (although I wasn’t that bothered, because I found him to be way more interesting than her). On top of that we got some disgustingly on the nose ‘feminists are ruining everything’ shit in the dialogue – I’m not kidding, they actually have a character say that.

I’m all for a dickhead saying ‘Thor can’t be a girl’ and then she proceeds to kick the shit out of said dickhead, but that’s not exactly what happened, and there were so many instances of pointing out the whole ‘Thor can’t be a girl’ shit and I’m like…really? Can you just ignore the neckbeards in the real world and focus on giving us a great female Thor please? No? Damn. Fine.

Also – wanna hear the most insulting bit? Female Thor busts some badguys, a husband and wife, and the female badguy knocks her husband out and surrenders them both to female Thor out of ‘respect of what she’s doing’ – ie, being a female Thor. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THAT FUCKERY?

I’m ridiculously disappointed by this bullshit. Also wasn’t a fan of the artwork for the most part.

Let down. Boooo.

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Wuthering Heights: A Retelling – Tanya Landman 3.6/5
I’ve not read the original full-length classic, I’ve also not seen the various screen adaptations so this was my very first experience with this story. So I can’t say much for the adaptation being true, but I’ve read the Jane Eyre adaptation by the same author and it was excellent, so I’ve no doubt this is just as true to the source material.

But the story – right, not the biggest fan. I kinda thought all the characters were unlikable. And all quite toxic. Can we all just COMMUNICATE? That tends to solve a lot of issues. Just talk to each other.

I dunno, maybe something was lost in adaptation, but I just didn’t get the character connections in this story. I also don’t see how anyone can truly view it as a romance. Like, what?

But the writing was vert emotive; I felt this for sure, and the emotions I was supposed to (except the romance I guess). But I felt joy, disgust, happiness, anger, etc. So well done there.

I can’t really fault the writing, the flow was great and before I knew it I’d finished the book, albeit it only being a short 100 pages or so


And we have reached the end of another batch of bitesize reviews! I hope you enjoyed them and if you’re after more mini reviews feel free to check out others I’ve done!


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