Atmospheric and Fun – Zed and the Cormorants Review

Zed and the Cormorants is quite unlike any book I’ve read before. It’s short but packs a fair punch and surprised me several times throughout its relatively small page count.

Which, by the way, don’t let the page count fool you into thinking this is just a light read. It’s got some intense mystery and intrigue!

So here’s a quick summary, provided by the publisher:

“Zed’s family have moved from London to a village in Cornwall. Dad says they need a fresh start, but no one’s asked Zed what she thinks.

She knows she’ll never fit into her new school, or make any friends, let alone find someone special. At this rate she’ll be lucky to find a phone signal…

Maybe their new home will help with Mum’s depression, and keep Zed’s sister Amy away from her dropout boyfriend, but why does it have to be so remote? Why has the boathouse been locked up for seventy years? Why do the birds living by the estuary fill her with such dread?

And what do they WANT?

A contemporary coming of age story that touches on Cornish history, mythology, the paranormal, mental health and LGBT romance. Perfect for readers of Liz Kessler, Emily Barr and and Marcus Sedgewick.

Praise for Zed and the Cormorants:

‘A Daphne du Maurier for the 21st Century.’ – Piers Torday

‘In the spirit of Joan Aiken, and just as Gothic, a roller coaster read which will haunt you!’ – Lizza Aiken

‘I shall often think of those riverbanks, the birds, the town and the relationship between man and nature – it’s a clever weaving of history with contemporary issues. A compelling story, full of mystery and enchantment. A perfect book to get lost in
on a hot summer’s day.’ – Sophia Bennett “

Doesn’t that sound spooky and fun?

Also, let me just say that the Rebecca comparison? Spot on!

So the book is set in Cornwall so anyone who is familiar with the area, or even wants to visit, will get a kick out of it for sure. I’ve not been but from what I can tell the descriptions are really accurate!

The thing that drew me into the book the most, apart from our incredibly realistic and engaging heroine Zed (can I just say I love a girl with a letter for a name like myself!) was the drama.

Not only was there drama, mystery and suspense, but it was all wrapped up with a nice little gothic twist. And you know I live for that!

The book perfectly balances a bit of gothic fantasism and real life gritty life that we can all relate to.

The characters were a joy to read and there are even surprises in the form of Denzil’s illustrations.

I’d highly recommend this book to those looking for an atmospheric gothic-lite read for the summer!

Also, I’d like to say thanks to Arachne Press for sending me a copy of this book to review because without them I likely never would have had this experience. So thank you!

Zed and the Cormorants_Blog Tour.jpg


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  1. This sounds like a really interesting and intense read! Glad you enjoyed it so much – and the cover is lovely!

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