About Me

Hey there!

My name’s V and I run Dark Heart Books. I’m a book blogger based in Scotland with a darker aesthetic, sarcastic attitude and a love for YA, Fantasy and Horror!

I run this website, as well as my bookstagram and my YouTube channel! I also have a twitter account but I’m not so active on there (I’m working on it!).

As well as books reviews, across my socials and on this blog you can expect to find bookish thoughts, list articles, the occasional cover re-design and my own original short stories to name just a few things!

I’m not sure how else to do an ‘About Me’ section other than some quick-fire facts! So, here we go!

Random facts:

  • I feel the same way about the word ‘impregnate’ as most people feel about the word ‘moist’.
  • Crabs freak me out and they are my ‘spiders’. I’d never hurt one, but they can keep their foamy, bubbly little mouths and freaky little pincers away from me!
  • I put mayonnaise on my chips and it’s AMAZING!
  • 3 is the perfect number of biscuits to have with a cup of tea. 1 isn’t enough (obviously) and only gives you a taste, 2 isn’t satisfying. 3 isn’t too greedy but can last the entire time it takes to drink your tea. And whilst we’re talking about tea, milk goes in SECOND (just like cereal)!
  • I think Root Beer tastes how Deep Heat smells – and I still LOVE it!
  • I’ve loved Paris every single time I’ve been, and I feel the very stereotypical way about it. But I hated Amsterdam. It felt like I’d been catfished by a city! It just felt like a really crappy theme park to me.

Favourite foods: Pizza, nachos, tea, anything made from potato, popcorn, sushi, gummy bears, custard creams

Favourite games: Mortal Kombat, Mario Kart, Tomb Raider, Five Nights and Freddy’s, Professor Layton, Pokémon (up to Heart Gold/Soul Silver)

Favourite scents: Violets, lilies, roses, cheese, sage, rosemary, honey

Favourite TV shows: Daria, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Gundam Wing, South Park, Dragonball Z, Rick and Morty, Archer

Favourite bands/music artists: Lights, Motion City Soundtrack, PVRIS, 21 Pilots, Blink 182, All Time Low. a shit load of k-pop

Favourite books: The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Games, The Storm Crow, Crave, Sadie, Sunstone (graphic novel), Skin & Earth (graphic novel), Blazewrath Games

Favourite book series: The Hunger Games, The Empirium Trilogy, The Storm Crow, Circle of Shadows, Renegades, Cursebreakers, Caraval

And that’s all I can think of right now. If you want to contact me, you can do that here!