August’s Wrap-Up…with a GHOST!

Better late than never, right? Here I am, hitting you up with a super late August wrap-up! But I promise that it’s worth it because…well…something a lil bit spooky happens during my wrap-up video! So sit back, grab some popcorn and see what you think about the spooky goings on!

Top 3 full-cast audiobooks!

Audiobooks are something that I never thought I would have enjoyed until I started listening to them. I thought someone else’s voice in my head would be super off-putting, especially with some character voices. And whilst that can be true sometimes, for the majority of the time they are great! They have completely changed my…

Bitesize Reviews Vol. 16

It’s bitesize review time again! You know how this works: there are 4 mini reviews for books that won’t get their own full length one! Enjoy! (and also check out my past library of Bitesize Reviews!)

The Fates & Fortunes Readathon – Part 2!

The first part of the Fates & Fortunes Readathon has been and gone and seemed quite successful! The participants had a great time and read books that have been on their TBR for a while, new books they’ve bought as well as some books that they hadn’t discovered before! So now it’s time for Part…

Bitesize Reviews Vol. 15

It’s bitesize review time yet again! You know the drill, here are 4 mini reviews for books that won’t get their own full length one! Enjoy! (and also check out my past library of Bitesize Reviews!)

12 Thoughts I Had Whilst Reading Anya’s Ghost

Anya’s Ghost is a graphic novel from artist and writer Vera Brosgol (in fact this is her first book!) and is published by First Second. Anya Borzatovskaya is part of a Russian immigrant family to America who has self-confidence and body issues as well as trouble fitting in at school. Ideally, she needs a new…

Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 14

It’s bitesize review time again! As usual, here you’ll find 4 quick reviews of some of my recent reads that won’t receive their own full review. You can also check out my Bitesize Review library too! Ok, let’s go!

Dark, Atmospheric & Twisty – The Witch House Review

The Witch House by Ann Rawson is a twisty turny dark thriller that I didn’t know was missing from my life until I read it. If you’re looking for an absorbing mystery thriller with an unreliable narrator – who is also a complex character in their own right – adding further to the confusion and…

Horror Fiction, Double Feature

Did you enjoy the little Rocky Horror Picture Show reference in the title there? I couldn’t help myself. It’s so perfect – the film or the pun? Both! Anyway, on to the post. I was recently sent two short horror stories from Tor – massive thanks to Tor! – and naturally, my dark little heart…