Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 6

Time to take a bite out of the bitesize reviews again! Here are another 4 books that I read that likely won’t get their own full reviews! One of the books has a little bit mroe than a bitesize review, but I couldn’t help it…I was angry.

Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 5

I’ve got a chunk of 4 books that won’t be getting their own reviews – so you know what that means! It’s Bitesize Review time! Check out 4 of my most recent reads in quick-review style below!

Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 2

It’s Bitesize time again! As you may have noticed, I’ve started doing bitesize reviews (check out Volume 1 here!) and you’ll be able to find these in the top menu of the site, under reviews! But let’s get on with Volume 2! Just like Volume 1, these 4 books were featured in my January reading…

Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 1

It’s Bitesize time! I’ve decided to do some bitesize reviews because, honestly, I just don’t have the time (or, let’s face it, the energy) to review every, single book I read. So the solution is: Bitesize reviews! So when I have acollection of 4 books that I’ve read that won’t be getting their own reviews,…