Barrington Stoke Double Feature! – Two Quick Reviews

Barrington Stoke have two recent releases that are on opposite ends of the ‘interest’ spectrum, and I’m really excited to share them with you! Barrington Stoke are a publisher that I’m always delighted to work with. If you want to find out more as to why, you can do that by clicking here. But for…

Bitesize Reviews- Vol. 11

It’s bitesize review time agian – I’m running a little behind again! (who’s surprised?) Sit back and enjoy some quick mini-reviews!

Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 7

It’s bitesize time again! Here are another 4 of my recent reads that probably won’t get their own full length reviews – but sometimes there’s nothing wrong with something a little smaller!

Bitesize Reviews – Vol. 6

Time to take a bite out of the bitesize reviews again! Here are another 4 books that I read that likely won’t get their own full reviews! One of the books has a little bit mroe than a bitesize review, but I couldn’t help it…I was angry.